Yee haw – Oct 28, 1999

from the Daily Nebraskan Apparently the imagery in this cartoon is reminiscent of something from a famous movie. I remember my editor saying that at the time, being surprised that I wasn’t referencing the movie. I just thought it would be fun to draw Cowboy Jesus riding a big arm.

Payne Stewart – Oct 27, 1999

from the Daily Nebraskan As this is intended to be a complete career retrospective and not just a greatest hits, it’s only fair that I include the worst cartoons I’ve ever done. I can honestly say that this cartoon was suggested to me by someone else, but I didn’t have the good judgment to turn […]

Mixed message – Oct 25, 1999

From the Daily Nebraskan I intended this cartoon to represent the various threatening entities – ASUN, the Greek System, etc – were just a nuisance that was more bark than bite, and this cartoon was timed to run the day that these groups were coming to a Publications Board meeting to demand that I be […]

Magic Thigh – Oct 14, 1999

from the Daily Nebraskan I was trying to convey that the answer to the question was hidden and would likely never be known, but the best thing about this cartoon was that I heard many reports of students actually trying to see the “magic eye” image. I had either bet someone or dreamt something about […]