In honor of this weekend…

Please enjoy this gem from ten years ago. I remember walking to the stadium and sitting up in the southeast corner of the stands to do the main drawing. I wrote down all the sponsors and advertisers I could see while I was there, and then I went back to the Daily Nebraskan office and […]

Ben Nelson on All Things Considered today

A friend called me earlier this evening after having listened to Ben Nelson on today’s edition of All Things Considered on NPR. He alerted me to this exchange: ROBERT SIEGEL: When you spoke of the extension of coverage, do you mean by that that you support in principle the idea of mandates, and that individuals […]

Frightened man @ Large!

Jim Delmont’s “Critic @ Large” column in the Omaha City Weekly is always entertaining, but this week’s is particularly great. (Sadly, I couldn’t find it online, so you’ll need to pick up a copy of the OCW — with a great Beatles Rock Band cover story — to read it.) Delmont’s work typically combines a […]