Journal Star cuts 16

The Lincoln Journal Star announced 16 cuts today, eight of which were from the newsroom. The story puts much of the blame on the rising cost of newsprint but fails to address whether or not any cutbacks were ordered from above. Last week, LJS owners Lee Enterprises announced their Q3 profits fell more than 87 […]

Don Walton on the MBJ “Obama = Hitler campaign”

In today’s column, Don Walton at the Lincoln Journal Star comments on the comparisons between Obama and Hitler printed in the Midlands Business Journal. A stunning editorial in the Midlands Business Journal this month comparing Obama to Adolf Hitler: “While Obama is not Hitler, still there are similarities,” publisher Bob Hoig wrote. “I was startled […]

Good Godwin

A few days ago, I wrote about the recent Midlands Business Journal editorial in which publisher Bob Hoig compared Barack Obama to Adolph Hitler. It’s perfectly normal for Hoig’s editorials to make Harold Andersen look like Rainbow Rowell, but that was a particularly shameful move worth drawing attention to. And then I figured that was […]