Censorship for the deaf

I was at the gym tonight, where my only viewing options from 5:30 to 6 were the NBC Nightly News and the CBS Evening News. CBS was slightly more directly in front of me, so that’s who I went with. One of the main stories was on terrorism. Katie Couric displayed a poll showing 66% […]

A little bipartisan reality

For all the commentators pretending to be serious about healthcare reform while urging Democrats seek bipartisan support, here’s NPR: And so far at least, the idea of scaling back and reaching out to Republicans doesn’t seem likely to pay off. At least not while Republicans like House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio smell electoral […]

Listening to a Lee Terry tele-town-hall

Just got this call. I’m sitting at my desk now so I figured I’d take notes. I’ll update this as more good stuff comes up. 6:43 – Right now there’s a super freakout caller claiming folks in Washington are trying to pass secret laws to put people in jail for Ron Paul bumper stickers. He […]

Koterba’s disappearing cartoon

Jeff Koterba had a cartoon run in the Iowa edition of Tuesday’s Omaha World Herald that was changed before any of the Nebraska papers were printed. There’s no sign of it on Omaha.com either, but you can see the cartoon at cagle.com (for now, at least). I emailed Koterba, asking if he could tell me […]

Unheard of – Jan 10, 2009

from the Lincoln Journal Star I originally pitched this cartoon based on numerous conversations I’ve overheard throughout the past few weeks, but then it turns out enough people are convinced that “winter weather in December and January” equals “the global warming myth has been debunked” that the AP wrote about it. Awesome.