Sharing Ben Nelson with the rest of the country

Jonathan Chait has a new article in The New Republic about Obama’s problems with forming a solid bond among the Democrats in Congress, much of which is due to the inherently contradictory goals of the so-called centrists. The article devotes a good chunk of space to Ben Nelson, surely thanks to just how easy Nelson […]

The AP on CBO projections

as printed in Saturday’s Lincoln Journal Star: Long-term deficit predictions have proven notoriously fickle — George W. Bush inherited flawed projections of a 10-year, $5.6 trillion surplus and instead produced record deficits — and if the economy outperforms CBO’s expectations, the deficits could prove significantly smaller. You’ve got to admire this version of history. The […]

Relegators! Mount up

I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about sports on here, so if not, here is Sports Post #1. One of the things I find most fascinating about professional English soccer is all the different levels of clubs and how connected they are through their system of relegation and promotion. It injects drama in the […]