Maybe one day…

…we’ll go back in time, back to when we still believed what the administration and the dwindling percentages still want us to believe. Back before we learned about the new Iraqi oil law, which takes Iraq’s oil wealth out of the hands of the people and turns over the oil supply to a “Federal Oil […]

Lancaster University

I was looking through the site stats and saw that someone from Lancaster University in the UK has been visiting this site. I don’t know if you know me, but I used to go to Lancaster University. Send me an e-mail! I want to talk about Lancaster and Grizedale and Shebab’s and Vince, George, Steve […]

What does this cartoon mean?

I probably single out Jeff Koterba more than his fair share in my bitterly jealous professional criticism of other cartoonists, but I recently saw this cartoon and solicited opinions from people on what they thought it meant (because I was stumped). In this space used to be a cartoon. On the left, there are two […]