Dr. Tiller

A few firsthand experiences people had with Dr. George Tiller have begun popping up online in the aftermath of his murder, exposing the ignorance and callousness behind the blanket caricatures of doctors and those seeking abortions. from the AgTalk forums:

Nebraska StatePaper.com vs. the “stimulus”

Earlier this week, the Nebraska StatePaper.com daily News Update included this opening passage: We have read a good deal and waited a long time before commenting on the stimulus plan coming from President Obama and Congress. Our view: Whatta’ crock of baloney! The feds appear to be doing nothing more than hitting the reset button […]

Cutting the budget (nose)

From the San Diego Union-Tribune: California will become the only state without a poison-control system if the Legislature adopts budget cuts proposed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the network’s officials said yesterday. The system, which includes a center at UCSD Medical Center in Hillcrest, offers advice on everything from medication overdoses and snakebites to eating batteries […]

Koterba: The Book

The latest issue of Omaha Magazine has a short profile on Jeff Koterba in which he reveals that his memoir, Inklings, is due out this fall. You can read the story online here, starting on page 57.