Return to the DN

Tomorrow’s Daily Nebraskan will include the one-day return of Neal Obermeyer in honor of a very significant moment in UNL history. Be sure to pick up a copy or visit I promise this won’t be as bad as the last time I did a one-day return in 2002 with that Ahman Green cartoon.

Post-Pennsylvania thoughts

Call it a rationalization all you want, but why is it that when Clinton loses major ground in a state over the month leading up to the vote, but still ends up winning a state she was expected to win, is it considered a huge turnaround in the momentum? Yet if you’re Barack Obama, and […] on facebook

If you’re tired of just being a facebook fan of Jesus Lizard and the Omaha World Herald, now you can add to the list of things you adore! At this point, the page is little more than an attempt to drive more visitors to this site. Eventually, depending on what kind of user […]