3 Responses to Studliness by fiat – June 17, 2009

  1. Jim says:

    ha! I like the last pane the best.

  2. TigerTom says:

    Anyone who wants a gun should have to join a local militia first. In the USA I think it’s called the National Guard. Put them though basic training, weed out the psychos and you also, then, have a body of men who might be of some use in the event of land invasion.

    Or you could let anyone who can talk and stand upright get one. Then when they have an argument with the wife, or a breakdown …

  3. Nathan says:

    TigerTom – The National Guard is the organized militia. Any able bodied male, age 17-45 are members of the reserve militia, as per the Militia Act of 1903. The Second Amendment specifies a well regulated, not a well organized militia. Alexander Hamilton said it best in Federalist #29, basically laying out that the Militia is the best form of defense, that it should be under the joint control of the States and the Federal government, and that the amount of time and effort required to turn the militia into a professional military would be a “serious inconvenience and public loss.” Hence, any able bodied male, age 17-45 is a member of the reserve militia at large.

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