4 Responses to Carry a laser – Aug 15, 2010

  1. theotherneill says:

    Another reject called up to the big leagues?

    neal replied:

    Kind of. Some of it is different. It’s more like I picked up a wounded soldier from the battlefield, replaced his missing limbs and rebuilt him better than new.

    JD replied:

    The key to it is replacing Lebron with Lebon.

    neal replied:

    Oh wow — you are not going to believe this, but that’s a complete coincidence. I’ve been attempting to get the “Mister Meister” gag in to a few cartoons now and thought this was a great opportunity, so I was thinking to myself “Who would I most like to see on tour with Mr. Mister?” I once challenged myself to work Simon LeBon into a cartoon at the Daily Nebraska ten or so years ago, so I figured this was a great opportunity for a follow-up.

    I was also thinking about the Mr. Meister / Simon LeBon running-mate pairing before I got the idea of salvaging that old reject too. But with all that said, I wonder if there wasn’t something subconscious going on, because that’s just too eerie for the Lebron / LeBon thing to be an accident.

    Either way, great catch.

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