The second final cartoon – May 5, 2003

from the Daily Nebraskan

Having retired from the DN once already, this was Round 2 of final cartoons.

There was some rampant speculation about what my final cartoon was going to be, and I really didn’t know. I had been really pleased with my previous retirement cartoon from 2001 and it was going to be tough to follow in my mind.

If I remember right, I was at a party and someone was pressing me to find out what the final cartoon was, so I told her that I wouldn’t tell her what it was, but to place a bet with her friends that it would include dogs and firefighters.

I think I was just telling her that to end that part of the conversation, but when the time came, I thought it would be fun to actually include dogs and firefighters, just in case she really did place that bet with her friends.

2 Responses to The second final cartoon – May 5, 2003

  1. what does the PS stand for on the meter-maid dog?

    the most odd thing of all is the placement of a black man in SE Neb. I googled the demographics. Did you know that Lincoln is 97% white. Holy Shit. And less than 1% Asian. That’s such crap. That means their are no Asians for you, only white girls, & that truly is a terrible thing!!!

  2. mark baldridge says:

    is this the last appearance of “black” neal obermeyer? cause if it is, he went out with a hilarious bang! Your best retirement toon ever!

    even if his proportions are a little weird. and wots withis arm there?

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