Schedule change

Starting Sunday, my Lincoln Journal Star schedule will be changing slightly, and therefore my cartoon posting on this site will change as well.

Instead of running on Mondays and Thursdays as I have since starting in July of 2004, I will now be on Sundays and Wednesdays (the “big” days in terms of readership and circulation).

To accommodate Wednesday as a new Journal Star day, I’m going to bump the San Diego Reader cartoon to Thursday. The SD Reader doesn’t hit stands until Thursday anyway, but they post their content online Wednesday afternoons, which is why I had been posting them Wednesday afternoons. So if you can’t wait half a day, you can still go to their site and see my cartoon on Wednesday. But here, I’m going to bump it to Thursday morning just so it doesn’t get too crowded with cartoons.

So lets run through the schedule of cartoons on this site:

Sunday: Lincoln Journal Star cartoon
Tuesday: Omaha Reader cartoon
Wednesday: Lincoln Journal Star cartoon
Thursday: San Diego Reader

And then occasional blogs and national cartoons will be scattered throughout.

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