Don Walton on the MBJ “Obama = Hitler campaign”

In today’s column, Don Walton at the Lincoln Journal Star comments on the comparisons between Obama and Hitler printed in the Midlands Business Journal.

A stunning editorial in the Midlands Business Journal this month comparing Obama to Adolf Hitler: “While Obama is not Hitler, still there are similarities,” publisher Bob Hoig wrote. “I was startled to realize the increasing use of Nazi Party techniques by the Barack Obama campaign,” he wrote. Geez.

From the article’s comments:

There seems to be a weekly contest to see who can speak or print the most racially repressed comment about Sen. Obama. It appears Bob Hoig and the Midwest Racist Business Journal are this week’s winner. Congratulations on losing your credibility!


…Hoig’s editorial is a blatant example of fear-mongering, distortion, smears, and misdirection; in other words, a textbook example of a political tactic often employed by those on the right (especially by the disciples of Karl Rove). One can easily see how intellectually bankrupt and shameless those on the right who would use these tactics have become, and how desparate and jealous they are…

You can read more about these columns here and here.

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