Cartoon Christmas

Starting today, for at least the next month (but maybe a few days longer as circumstances allow), I’m going to do a little Christmas charity here at the cartoon blog. Here’s how it’s going to work: 1. High-quality, full-color cartoon prints are going to be on sale for $30, which will include shipping (although if […]

Free JC – Nov 10, 2008

from the Omaha Reader UPDATE: I just got around to reading Sunday’s paper, and Cal Thomas had a great column on the role of religion in politics, which was refreshingly pluralistic for a Christian conservative. Too many conservative Evangelicals have put too much faith in the power of government to transform culture. The futility inherent […]

Lincoln and Obama: The cartoonists speak

So many of Daryl Cagle’s syndicate cartoonists went to the Abraham Lincoln well that he created a separate category on his site — Lincoln Likes Obama. You can get the “Crying Lincoln” from David Fitzsimmons; the “Smiling Lincoln” from Steve Breen and Clay Jones; the “Fist Pumping Lincoln,” also from David Fitzsimmons; the “Thumbs Up” […]

Life imitates art!

A sketch I submitted to the Journal Star on Friday, seen only by my editor and me: From the Journal Star coverage of Monday’s city council meeting: Before voting on the projects, Councilman Ken Svoboda turned the tables on Seacrest, asking him to clarify who he was representing, since he represents many entities, such as […]