Your liberal media at work

There’s a new AP story today about Jon Bruning challenging the constitutionality of the healthcare bill that passed the House yesterday. The story includes quotes from the following people:

1. Jon Bruning
2. Governor Dave Heineman (paraphrased)
3. Jen Rae Hein, Governor Heineman’s spokesperson
4. Republican state senator Beau McCoy
5. earlier versions also included quotes from Bruning spokesperson Allen Forkner

You know who wasn’t interviewed for a story on the constitutionality of the healthcare bill?

An expert on constitutional law.

(EDIT: for example, this one.)

3 Responses to Your liberal media at work

  1. Jason Dworak says:…5 well, I guess that covers them all. Who would you consider is an expert at constitutional law? hillary clinton? that bitch pelosi? You sound like a stinking left winger yourself olderman.

    Alex replied:

    I don’t know, maybe a certain professor of constitutional law who was president of the Harvard Law Review, before going on to be a Senator and then US President?

  2. Jeff O'Connor says:

    Wow, Jason. Just… Wow.

    You’re either the most dry-witted poster ever to grace this site, or the most sexist asshole I’ve seen crawl out from under a rock since Barbara Bush whispered “bitch” into Connie Chung’s ear when asked about Hillary Clinton.

    Either way, kudos to you – it takes work.

    I weep for this country.

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