Another shamefully late Top 10 Rejects: May

I promise next month’s will be (closer to being) on time. As a bonus, don’t forget I already revealed two rejects from May. So you really get twelve.

10. Man, arena jokes sure seem old by now.
arena potholes

9. So do jokes about the Treasurer’s race.
state treasurer tom nesbitt don stenberg tony fulton

medicaid public schools governor dave heineman 4 four day work week DMV

federal government brown skin

smoking monkey governor dave heineman senator charlie janssen

nebraska right to life senator mike flood governor dave heineman julie schmit albin

lincoln roads potholes pot holes

arena 2015 vision group tom osborne harvey perlman

2. Kris Kobach has figured out how to turn frightened rural white people into ATMs.
kris kobach fremont illegal immigration law bill

auburn bulldogs tony fulton treasurer

3 Responses to Another shamefully late Top 10 Rejects: May

  1. mark says:

    the monkey witha sign thing has potential. back burner that!

  2. theotherneill says:

    All were good. #2 should have been published. #6 the LJS needs to keep the gag going, the Gov. doesn’t speak out on what he should. But #1 had soda coming out of my nose.

  3. WB says:

    As a “Bulldog”… I find number 1 hysterical… keep your eye on Mr. Fulton… we haven’t seen the last of him… unfortunately.

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