Top 14 Rejects of the Month: April 2011

I had so many unpublishable cartoons this month that I give you FOUR EXTRAS!

14. I actually meant for this cartoon to be kind of a tribute to this one from four years ago, but instead, I think it probably just seems like a ripoff.
pope poop woods hal daub social security poor

13. This was enough of a strawman cheap shot that I actually talked a publisher out of running it. It was pretty disgusting to watch people who should know better falling all over themselves to praise Paul Ryan’s budget as “serious” and “courageous” and all of these other adjectives that have become the highest praise available in a pundit’s praise box, but it’s not as if anyone were actually trying to equate his budget bravery with military service. So I withdrew this one.

jeff fortenberry lee terry adrian smith privatize medicare

urban rural divide traffic circles

10. I kind of forget what the point was here (sometimes I’m too subtle for my own memory). I think maybe I started out with questions that are so obvious that no one actually wonders? But then they turned into questions that are just so absurd that no one wonders. So I guess the point was that these are questions no one seriously gives any thought to for whatever reason. But it was an opportunity to try to get O’Rourke’s and Lars into more cartoons.
kermit brashear dinky lars

9. If this one had gotten picked, I was totally going to draw these guys in FFA jackets.
greenhouse gases farmers future

senator ben nelson obama's second term

children's imaginations heaven angels

death penalty drugs chemicals pharmaceuticals lethal injection electric chair

telemedicine abortions doctor killer

bo pelini raise coach doc sadler university of nebraska lincoln budget cuts

budget cuts compromise

senator ben nelson ghost herbert hoover economics

tomahawk missiles we're broke libya

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